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Fairy Rings and Monstrous Things

The Krampus Returns...

Since the huge success of Krampusnacht over Christmas I have received numerous e-mails from customers requesting something befitting to store their cards in. Although the red box I supplied was perfectly adequate there has been a demand for demonic bling, a satanic sheath that will protect your Krampus cards from do-gooders until next Christmas.


I originally started to create a leather embossing plate of the Krampus but I wanted something with greater visual impact that would compliment the cards. I grabbed some sculpey from the studio shelf, cranked up some Bauhaus and 2 hours later I ended up with a face I definitely recognised.

The idea is to create a leather wallet which will be embossed with 'Krampusnacht' and possibly more devilry on the back but the front will be graced with a cast Krampus head plaque. I'm going to experiment with finishes but expect at least two which will be bronze cast and traditional hand painted with real fur trim.


After a few hours of losing myself in sculpting the face I've got the sudden desire to complete the head and possibly even create a bust. Watch this space...

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