Dan Baines

Fairy Rings and Monstrous Things

The Occult Review

As society was still left reeling from the Cottingley Fairies incident the amount of articles on fairy folklore rose exponentially. This refreshed interest in our ancient lores and heritage started to uncover long forgotten traditions and records about fairies. One of the most popular magazines where you might find such information was The Occult Review published between 1905 and 1951. It contained articles and correspondence by many notable occultists and authors of the day, including Aleister Crowley, Meredith Starr and Walter Leslie Wilmshurst to name but a few.

Take this excellent feature from 1921, written only 4 years after The Cottingley Fairy photographs were taken. It covers the Cottingley incident in great detail but also incorporates other sightings and interactions with less attractive entities. It even points to a particular publication that is said to have preserved the elemental teachings of a very ancient faith. One that might still hold the key to unlocking the door to the world below...

You can read the May 1921 issue of the Occult Review here

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